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I help you to...

WebSite Development

You will design your site with me and I will realize it in a moment.

Mobile App

Android/iOS App for every need.

Technical assistance

Hardware / Software support.


Some works...

SHS S.r.l.

Retail & Food - Office - Software

Antico Mulino Falco

since 1940

Anime On Canvas

Web Site

23 maggio 2017

My Wedding Date! (Web Site)


Web Master

Targhe ID

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) System

Urgenze GenMet

Android App

Smart Energy Master

Web Territorial Statistic Model

Screening Audiologico Neonatale

Website Update

Dafne Bijoux Sweet Jewels

Web Marketing

Feelings: Emotional Chat

Android App


Android App


A short resume...

  • 2006-2011

    Informatica Multimediale S.r.l.

    Hardware and software assistance, network maintenance, customer management.

  • 2011-2013

    Dafne Bijoux

    Handmade products web selling.

  • 2014


    Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Federico II - Naples.

  • 2014 - 2015

    IT Consultant

    I'm IT Consultant for Federico II University, II Policlinico - Naples, Project: OR.C.HE.S.T.R.A. (ORganization of Cultural HEritage and Smart Tourism and Real-time Accessibility)

  • 2016 - Today

    Dynamic - ID S.r.l.

    I'm Software Specialist for Dynamic - ID S.r.l.

  • . . .


luigicasiello [at] gmail.com

+39 333 6582540